Saturday, August 6, 2011


Just like we has gotten crazy! We're now working 10-11 hours a day...I'm just working and trying to stay caught up, Jeff is crazy with his new job and coaching cross country. I'm also training for our 5k at the end of September and taking an online graduate class the ENTIRE semester. We crazy...and we know!

We made these when we got back from our amazing summer away. We were quite obsessed with the caprese theme for awhile and have the pictures to prove it! Needless to say we were quite excited when we saw this sandwich. We don't have a panani press, but improvised with a grill pan and baking stone :) We happened to have most of the ingredients in our fridge but we did sub mozz for feta and used this pesto. These sandwiches were A-MA-ZING! We would definitely make them again...and again!





  1. YUM! I like your use of the stone pan for the "panini press"

  2. thanks! and your comment worked! yay! :)